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About Hands Free Baby Bottle

After repeated attempts to get baby Sydney to hold her own bottle, and repeated failures, we figured there had to be an easier way...


Have you ever wished your baby could hold their own bottle...?

Now we can!!!

Give mom what she really needs... a break!!

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Why is our product better than the rest?


There are many different baby bottle holders on the market. Find out what to look for when shopping for a baby bottle holder...Learn More.


Helping Hands Bottle Trainer:

* Allows your baby to practice holding their own bottle!

* Adjustable to all bottle types and sizes.

* Works on sippie cups too!

* Easy to Pack and Clean!

Helping Hands

Helping Hand  Baby Bottle Tranier


Makes the perfect baby shower gift!!!

Free US shipping when you buy 3 or more!!

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Perfect Bottle Support

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